TOGA released YIPPI, the 4th generation
Combining AI Smart Communication Mobile Application

(Macau, China – July 3, 2018) Toga Limited released their communication mobile application, Yippi, the 4th generation today at Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel. Yippi, the 4th generation will initially adapt AI technology, allowing Yippi to achieve being fully intelligent in the features of communication, community platform, and commercial value in the future to provide users a more personalized user experience and elevate overall performances.”Yippi is performing well with every feature, its stable performances gave us the confidence to introduce AI to our application. Being the first communication mobile application combined with AI, we believe that Yippi will bring a user experience they never had before. No far in the future, Yippi will not only be the best partner in daily life and during working, it can also be the best personal assistant for the user by combining the multi features and platforms which Yippi has now, to achieve an integrated ultimate mobile application”, said Mr. Du, the CEO of TOGA Limited on the first anniversary dinner. Mr. Du announced that Yippi will introduce AI chatbot and customer service to satisfy the stable and efficient demand from the consumers.

It has been a year since Yippi laughed to the market, it worked closely with other services of TOGA, forming a one-stop service with convenient operation and stable compatibility, holding its place in the market of mobile chatting application. Nowadays, most of the mobile applications have only one feature, and Yippi is actively trying to fill this gap in between. Therefore, Yippi gathered those features which are globally popular, additionally with the unique community cohesion, a self-circulated and sustainable model has been built. Other than individual and group messaging feature, Yippi users can enjoy the built-in program featuring flight ticket and hotel booking, online courses, send Yippi Eggs, social circle, album feature, video and voice channels, and other more, which is an all in one application.

With the commercial value of live broadcasting, Yippi provides a free advertising platform for the massive users of Yippi, considerately combining the features which Yippi already has, like AI beauty cam, and introducing face and hand recognition technology, which is time saving and to advertise efficiently, allowing the users to broadcast at any time and any place, making the whole process more fun and interesting.

“Receiving the feedbacks from the users, strengthening the stability, and introducing new updates continuously are the golden rules of our success. Those who wish to join Yippi to promote their self-made platforms and applications in the future shall follow the Standard Software Development Kit (Standard SDK) set by the company, which it will allow a software to automatically connect to other collaborating third-party platform, without duplicate login”, said the CTO, Mr. Xie.

Yippi will also launch a platform for gaming software engineers and stickers designers, to create more entrepreneur opportunities for them, allowing them to show their talents and creativities.