TOGA Co., Ltd. Annual Stockholders Meeting successfully ended!

On August 6, 2018, TOGA LIMITED held an annual stockholder meeting at the Royale Chulan Seremban Hotel in Seremban. The stockholders’ meeting this time carried an important significance and milestone. We will be voting for five board members and as of 2019, MALONE BAILEY LLP is appointed as TOGA LIMITED’s independent registered public accounting firm.

On the day of the meeting, the venue was open for registration at 3:30pm, and everyone started to enter at 3:30pm. Family members with equity certificates will have the opportunity to vote for members of the Board of Directors, and non-stockholders and families can witness the general meeting.

TOGA Co., Ltd. Chairman of the Board Michael Toh gave a welcome speech to kick off the meeting. He also announced that the stockholders’ meeting will be recorded on video for the purpose of uploading it to TOGA’s official website. This video will also be used in the US foreign exchange market, as part of the company’s profile.

In this solemn stockholder meeting, the board of directors and stockholders led it with a serious attitude, regardless of the process of voting, discussion, Q&A session. Everything went according to the agenda, election inspectors Mr. Scott Lawler and his assistant Sandra Quintana supervised the agenda to ensure equality, fairness and transparency throughout the meeting. Mr. Lawler announced on spot that the general meeting of stockholders has reached a quorum and formally recognized the legitimacy of the meeting.

The list of company stockholders is due as of the close of business on July 10, 2018 and the list includes the number of shares each stockholder can vote in the meeting.

1)Liew Choon Fook

2)Tan See Kuy

3)Lim Jun Hao

4)Ng Boon Chee

5)Toh Kok Soon

According to the Company’s articles of association, if the stockholders intend to nominate candidates for the board of directors, they must notify the Board in advance. However, no such notice was received. Moving on, the stockholder candidate would vote for the board of directors. The appointment of MALONE BAILEY as the independent accounting firm in 2019 will proceed with the motion and appointment, and under the witness of Mr. Lawler, the format voting ceremony begun.

The stockholders present at scene casted their sacred votes and fulfilled their roles and responsibilities. When the votes are counted, CEO Michael and Dr. Steve Tan introduced the company’s business to everyone, a Q&A session was conducted after that, the Board of Directors also answered questions from the stockholders. Soon after, Mr. Lawler announced the result of the vote. The five candidates will serve as the Company’s Board of Directors, as each candidate received at least 540,502,798 votes, equivalent to the majority votes casted in the meeting.

On the other hand, the approval of the appointment of MALONE BAILEY LLP as an independent registered public accounting firm in 2019 resulted in at least 540,502,798 votes from the stockholders, equivalent to the majority votes casted in the meeting.

Then, CEO Michael confirmed the voting results to the stockholders on spot and proceeded with the adjournment motion, which was approved. Finally, CEO Michael also ajourned the stockholders’ meeting and thanked everyone for their attendance and attention. The 2018 Annual Stockholders Meeting successfully ended. The Company once again thanked all stockholders who came to the meeting. We will do our utmost to ensure the usual operation of the board of directors, so as to bring a steady income and return to all stockholders.