As the first mobile chat messaging app in the history that uses AI technology, we are confident that Yippi will bring users an unprecedented experience. From now onwards, Yippi will not only be the best companion for your day-to-day communications and work performance, it will also be your best personal assistant you can ask for. The Yippi app combines the diversified platforms to truly integrate into an ultimate mobile app. In a world of intelligence, Yippi is the best help through our fingertips. Next, let us take a look at Yippi’s smart AI usage and development.
A.I. Information and Privacy Security

Now, Yippi has the technology to prevent the Ddos attack. That said, it is very unlikely for hackers to attack the Yippi server and cause a system failure.
A.I. Beauty Camera

The smart AI technology is the key part of making flawless beauty come true, making facial expressions, facial effects, gesture recognition and more. Most importantly, it turns imagination into reality, and reduce the time needed. Users can now enjoy fun and convenience of the beauty camera with just a touch of their finger. The smart AI technology can accurately detect and track facial and gesture movements, then acquire and analyze information instantly. The camera then seamlessly beautifies the image through effects and filters, perfectly matching specific expressions and gestures to display the corresponding effects.
A.I. Personal Assistant

Exclusive Yippi intelligence chat bot – the Hungry Bear could answer questions towards the technology and app. As long as user enters a question in the AI Chat Box, the system will provide accurate answers to the question immediately, shortening the response time required through traditional and manual customer service, saving users’ time and improving overall efficiency.