Company History

Toga Limited was registered in Nevada of the United States of America with registration number 3718482. The company was listed on the OTC Markets with the stock code TOGL (previously known as Blink Couture with the stock code BLKU and subsequently changed the code to TOGL in June 2016)

Toga Limited is a company which emphasizes on network innovations, research and development. We build up a new online platform with integrated social messaging app of finance, tourism, trade and transaction, games, technology and software development. We are entering a new era of social messaging app. Social media platform like Facebook, WhatsApp and WeChat; We have developed Yippi, Togago, Games, sticker shop, Wave, WaveMAX Languages and others.

Toga Limited focuses on research and development of platforms in the internet realm, and brings upon innovative development to the corporation with far-reaching network of human resources, a key resource to success in global market. We also encourage the young generation to own their own business, become entrepreneurs and to be the master of their own life. We are devoted in providing top services and plant this spirit deep as our common culture.