Board Of Directors



Toga Limited founded by Michael Toh and focuses on R&D of Online Info Communications Technology and Information Technology. He has been putting effort to turn these operations into market value. Michael Toh has years’ experiences in business and market development. He has founded Gen Five Global, a telecommunication company that has been authorized to be Celcom merchants which has 14 branches throughout Malaysia.

Micheal Toh graduated from Multimedia University with distinction. His major was Telecommunication of Electronic Engineering Programme, and he had also won a scholarship award given by the General Electric Company (U.S.). Michael Toh believes that the key factor to success is to believe in own self.



Roy Lim has been working as marketing executive since he graduated from high school in year 2007.

Roy Lim has various marketing experience from small and medium enterprise (SMEs) to large enterprise since he had been working as marketing executive in many industries, such as food and beverage, advertisement, telecommunication, information technology, apparel and etc.

Roy Lim became a director of MBIT Engineering Sdn. Bhd. in 2014, which carry on the business of planning and designing of fiber connectivity for GPON FTTx projects.

Roy Lim is an effective team leader, he has a variety of traits and characteristics that encourage team members to follow him. He believes that the growth and success of team members is more important than personal success.

Dr. Steve Tan (DBA)


Steve graduated from the Royal Institute of Marketing, London, UK. Steve was awarded “The Distributor Of The World” by Neways International Inc., one of the top network marketing company in USA with over 500,000 distributors in 30 countries in 1997 and was appointed as an Ambassador for Peace by Universal Peace Federation for World Peace.

In 2007, Steve was awarded “The International Distributor of the Year” by the Multi-Level Marketing International Association, USA and in the same year, he was conferred a Doctorate in Business Administration by the Midwest Missouri University, USA. Steve acquired an OTC company and works with U.S Security Attorneys, Market Makers, Transfer Agents, PCAOB Accountants & Auditors, Brokers, IRPR Consultants and Global Investors. Steve venture into Merchant Banking Partnerships, helping Profitable SME to OTC, NASDAQ & NYSE. He started consulting with multiple OTC companies to build their businesses and strive to achieve hyper profit within three years. Developing potentials on high future growth and plans to merge or uplist into the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. He assumes the role as Group General Manager of Toga Limted Group of Companies and is responsible for the planning, organising and executing its global expansion and strategising for the uplist from OTCQB to NASDAQ by December 2019.



Edward Ng was experienced in communicating with people at all levels in organizations and delivered presentation on many project findings to management.

He was taking the role of team leader, responsible in allocating task and effectively meets goals through leadership, interpersonal communication and analytical abilities. His management experiences in NEK Marketing Sdn Bhd and Penerbitan Creative Bird has enabled him to develop strong analytical and project management skills, confident and dynamic personality.



William gained his edution in prestigious institutes that are Higher School Certificate & University Entrance and Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics Engineering) in Selwyn College and University of Auckland in New Zealand.

He was the founder of MEGAWIN ENTERPRISE and held the position of Chief Operating Officer in the company during year 2014-2015. He is now the Corporate Secretary of Toga Limited. With his talent, the company is heading on the right track.