Investor Relations


Toga Limited is in the business of data commerce applied to financial technology services or “FinTech”, it was registered in Nevada of the United States of America with registration number 3718482.

Toga Limited has a unique instant messaging service available in Asia, known as “Yippi ”.

Toga’s app includes social media, voice and video calling, GPS, the ability to post moments, plus secret messaging and sending encrypted files. This app is used for social media, small business and micro-business. Toga Limited also develops TogaGo, an online accommodation booking platform.

The company was listed on the OTC Markets with the stock code TOGL (previously known as Blink Couture with the stock code BLKU and subsequently changed the code to TOGL in June 2016)


Who is the securities counsel for Toga Limited?
  • Booth Udall Fuller, PLC
  • Kline Law Group
  • Who is the accounting/auditor for Toga Limited?
  • PubCo Reporting Services, Inc.
  • Pinnacle Accountancy Group of Utah