1. November 2019, TOGA Limited opened a new branch in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  2. October 2019, Toga Limited upgraded to OTCQX.
  3. September 2019, Toga Limited moved U.S executives offices to a new location in Irvine, California.
  4. September 2019, participated in MATTA Fair 2019(Kuala Lumpur).
  5. June 2019, Toga Limited has released the whole new Yippi version 5.
  6. June 2019, Toga Limited appointed 3 independent directors, Shemori Boshae, Jim Lupkin and Iain Bratt.
  7. May 2019, Toga Limited certified with ISO 9001
  8. April 2019, Toga Limited has launched “Yippi Star Incubator Program”.
  9. April 2019, Toga Limited moved to Asia Pacific Headquarter in Empire Damansara
  10. March 2019, Toga Limited has launched and participated in MATTA Fair 2019 (Kuala Lumpur).
  11. February 2019, Yippi has become the platinum sponsor of Panagbenga Festival in Baguio and also Toga Limited has appointed Alexander D. Henderson as Chief Financial Officer (CFO).
  12. January 2019, Toga Limited has appointed US Board of Director and Yippi team has live broadcast from NYC NASDAQ jumbotron.
  13. January 2019, Toga Limited opened a new branch in Vietnam.
  1. November 2018, Toga Limited participated in FinTech Singapore 2018.
  2. September 2018, Toga Limited has released Yippi TV for live show purposes.
  3. September 2018, Yippi collaborates with Wave Eostre.
  4. On 3rd July 2018, Toga Limited has released the 4th generation of its social application Yippi, at the Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel in Macau, China.
  5. Yippi Version 4 includes:
    1. A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)
    2. Languages
    3. Yippi Web
    4. Game
  6. Toga Limited has established a new R&D department which mainly focus on mini applications and in-app games development, which will significantly elevate the value of Yippi, carry our unique super app to the next level.
  7. March 2018, Toga Limited’s CEO Mr Michael Toh was invited to host IDX’s stock market launch ceremony in Jakarta, announced Toga’s future blueprints in new Jakarta office, the third branch in Southeast Asia, taking after Malaysia and Philippines.
  1. November 2017, Toga Limited opened a new branch in Indonesia.
  2. July 2017, a new version of the super messaging app, YIPPI version 1 (basic dual communication messaging, voice and video call) was born!
  3. In the current year, many changes and upgrades have been done to Yippi and TogaGo platform as follows:
    1. Yippi version 2
    2. Yippi version 3
    3. TogaGo version 2
    4. TogaGo version 3
  1. July 2016, the company changed its name to Toga Limited with the stock code “TOGL” on the OTC Markets.
  2. TogaGo was developed. TogaGo provides more competitive pricing to booking of hotels online.
  3. Toga Limited established its Asia Headquarter at Menara Standard Chartered, KL, Malaysia.
  1. December 2008, Fashionfreakz International INC changed its name to Blink Couture INC.
  1. October 2003, Fashionfreakz International INC was incorporated in Delaware, United States of America.